Marchi's Restaurant
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Family Restaurant & Italian Dishes in New York, New York

Come down to our friendly family restaurant in New York, New York, and experience the variety of delicious and affordable Italian dishes. Since the 1930s, Marchi's Restaurant has served customers the same gorgeous dinner every evening.
Outside dining patio - Italian Restaurant in New York, NY
Inside dining - Italian Restaurant in New York, NY
Outside dining patio - Italian Restaurant in New York, NY
The First Course
The First Course consists of platters of cold antipasto that look like lovely floral designs and include celery, melon, radishes, finocchio (a delicious Italian winter celery), Genoa salami, and a Lorenzo salad created by Signor Lorenzo Marchi.
Other Ingredients Include:
  • Tuna Fish
  • Olives
  • Capers
  • Chopped Celery
  • Parsley
  • Red Cabbage
The Second Course
Enjoy a steaming portion of lasagna, unlike anything you have ever tasted. The pasta, of course, is homemade, and the sauce, made by Signor Lorenzo Marchi, is a family secret perfected only after many years of patient improvements.
Third Course
Next, you will be served delectably crisp, deep-fried fish, which virtually melts in your mouth. Savory cold beets and string beans are prepared with a simple oil and vinegar dressing to accompany it.
Chianti landscape — Italian dinner in New York, NY
As with everything else you will taste at our restaurant, the flavors are delicate and subtle. Each dish has just a hint of something unusual in the way of seasoning to tempt your palate. Moreover, you can choose from an extensive wine list to accompany your magnificent meal.
The Fourth Course
Our fourth course consists of roasted chicken and moist, tender slices of roasted veal accompanied by a heaping platter of superbly cooked fresh mushrooms and a bowl of tossed salad.
The Fifth Course
Do you love sweets that melt in your mouth? If so, come to Marchi's Restaurant! We offer the most amazing desserts for your sweet-tooth cravings. Our dessert features a bowl of fruit consisting of peaches, bananas, oranges, pears, and apples so perfect that you will think they came straight out of a still-life picture. A delicious cheese will also be served to complement the fruit.
In addition, we provide a Crema Fritta (lemon fritter) and a spectacular mound of Crostoli, which are crisp, fragile, deep-fried twists sprinkled with powdered sugar and piled high on the platter in an arrangement that looks like a fairytale castle. Your dinner is completed with a serving of a demitasse. American coffee and tea are also available.
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